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By Oliver Tree Updated: Disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner faced devastating new allegations today after two of the women at the centre of the sexting scandal accused him of lying about using government phones for sex chats.

Just hours after the shamed politician came clean about his sordid exploits in an extraordinary public confession, the two women claimed Weiner - despite his denials - did use Congressional phones to carry out his sexting 'affairs'. The new allegations will pile fresh pressure on the Congressman who faces a battle to save both his career and his marriage in the wake of yesterday's humiliating admission that he had exchanged a Nude wife loves my weiner of photos and messages with women.

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Democratic House minority leader Nancy Pelosi today called for an ethics committee investigation into Weiner's conduct. It also emerged today that Weiner conducted several of his intimate on-line liaisons while his wife was out of the country, and at least five when he was in Washington for official House debates.

Scroll down for video. Anthony Weiner wipes his eye during a news conference in New York today. He confessed to a litany of sexting encounters with women over a number of years. Lisa Weiss, left, and Meagan Broussard, centre, both claim that Weiner contacted them using phones at his congressional offices.

Nude wife loves my weiner

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Right, student Gennette Cordova was sent an image of the politician through Twitter. Las Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss claimed she had phone sex with Weiner on a government telephone.

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And according to Radaronline. After examining of congressional records, the site found Weiner appeared in the House on January 20, March 3 and 16, April 13 and September 20 - all days he was sexting Weiss.

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It is not clear if the messages were sent during his time on the House floor during key debates. But the number wouldn't connect to his office; instead there was a recorded message that it was an outgoing U. When Weiner realised she had missed her call, he wrote her a message saying: Give me another chance!

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Plus my tights really itch, I need a distraction. She said they began messaging each other through Facebook chat after he added her as a friend from his personal account.

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She then claimed a man identifying himself as Weiner called her by phone from a number registered to his New York congressional office on May In the phone call, she said: And speaking to Fox News she added: Weiner admitted that he had communicated with women on-line before and after his marriage and sent them explicit photos.

It has also emerged Weiner sexted both Broussard and Weiss while his hard working wife was out of the country, supporting Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on vital foreign policy work.

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And as Weiner sent his infamous 'me and my pussys' picture to Texan-based Broussard, Huma was with Clinton discussing humanitarian efforts in Libya. Huma Abedina long-time personal aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has kept a low profile throughout the scandal. The year-old has rarely been seen since since a humiliating photo of a man's bulging underpants was posted on her husband's social network account on May The shamed politician yesterday told reporters he had lied about sending explicit pictures in a bid to protect his wife and family.

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But despite the humiliating apology, he repeatedly refused to resign. Piling on the pressure however was House minority speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said an ethics committee should determine whether any official resources were used in Weiner's Twitter postings, and whether any House rules were violated.

Mrs Pelosi said, 'I am deeply disappointed and saddened about this situation; for Anthony's wife, Huma, his family, his staff and his constituents. She said she was calling for an Ethics Committee investigation to determine whether any official resources were used or any other violation of House rules occurred. In an extraordinary press conference in Manhattan, Mr Weiner said: I am deeply ashamed of my judgement and terrible actions. Then he told a stunned Nude wife loves my weiner We will get through this.

I have made it clear: I accept responsibility for this and people can draw their own conclusions. The scandal first emerged after Weiner sent the now infamous 'bulge' picture to Seattle student Gennette Cordova. When the story broke on May 27, Weiner at first said his Twitter account had been hacked and denied the picture was of his crotch. But today, a chastised Weiner claimed the 'bulge' picture was of his crotch and that he had sent it as a joke to Miss Cordova.

In a separate development, ABC news claims to have interviewed another woman - year-old Meagan Broussard - who was also sent the same picture on May His confession came in a dramatic day in which two new women came forward claiming to have had intimate on-line encounters with the shamed politician.

During yesterday's dramatic press conference, the Congressman said he could not deny using a government issue phone to conduct a sex chat with one of the unnamed women. In a rambling, almost half hour address, he continued: I then continued with that story to stick to that story which was a hugely regrettable mistake. To be clear, the picture Nude wife loves my weiner of me and I sent it. I was embarrassed, I was trying to protect my wife and to protect my family.

He broke down as he said: A picture captioned 'me and the pussys' allegedly sent by the Congressman to an unnamed young woman.

It was a very dumb thing to do but it was never part of a plan to deceive. A reporter then asked if he did it because he was lonely or seeking companionship, and he replied: As for the Seattle student, Gennette Cordova, who he now admitted to sending a picture of his crotch, he said: I want to make it very clear that in the long list of people I have harmed here, she was one of them.

He said that as far as he knows he has not broken any laws. When asked him if he was still going to stand for mayor, he replied: In an additional shocking confession, the Nude wife loves my weiner said: He added his wife, who he confessed to only this morning, would stand by his side. Despite claims he had no recollection of using government resources to communicate with the women, Miss Weiss said she had phone sex with Weiner on a congressional phone.

Although it was Anthony Weiner who called the press conference today, Nude wife loves my weiner was political commentator Andrew Breitbart who stole the show, dramatically hijacking it precisely at the moment the disgraced politician was due to appear.

And it was only fitting that the man who broke the scandal and reignited it again should make an appearance at the moment the congressman confessed that yes, he did send dirty pictures to different women and lied about it. It was on Andrew Breitbart's website last Friday that the Weinergate scandal first broke, with that infamous crotch shot that Weiner had tweeted to a student in Seattle.


As the New York democrat vehemently denied it, Breitbart taunted him on Twitter the next day, threatening that he had 'much more' scandalous material. In the meantime, left-wing bloggers accused Breitbart - who has made it his personal crusade to expose what he says is liberal bias Nude wife loves my weiner the media - of trying to set Weiner up and of plotting a conspiracy, questioning how he managed to get the picture so quickly after it was tweeted.

Breitbart, who runs his own news aggregation site, Breitbart.

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