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But seriously, I'd better go and find someone to clean this up. Pacifica said walking away. I've been lookin' for ya. I fixed the laptop. I been doin' calculations, and I think somethin' terrible is comin'! How about we talk about this stuff tomorrow? As Dipper returned he looked around the party was so much better than it was before even the original guest seems to be having a better time. As the watched the party more Pacifica found a lot of entertainment watching her father trying to gain control of the chaos that was happening.

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Feeling that now he know how it feels to be powerless. Turning to Dipper Pacifica couldn't help but feel something when she looked at him, this was the boy who exposed her family secret, the brother to the girl she insulted because of her silliness. Now just being near him make her feel strange but in a good way. Following her request Dipper closes his eye promising not to peak, taking a deep breath Pacifica prepared herself for what she was about to do.

With cheeks blushing Pacifica moved for her surprise, with another deep breath she went for it. Pacifica pressed her lips against Naked pacifica northwest with big boobs resulting in their first kiss.

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Dipper's eyes flew open their lips made contact shocked for a second, Dipper quickly backed away in shocked breaking the kiss disappointing Pacifica. Dipper was surprised that Pacifica wanted to kiss again not too long ago she paid him to forget about their hug now she want to kiss him.

With the okay from Dipper, Pacifica embraced him once more wrapping her arms around his neck going right back into the kiss, but this time he was kissing back. Neither could understand why this felt right but neither one wanted it to end. Suddenly Pacifica let out a yelp but before Dipper Naked pacifica northwest with big boobs find out the reason why she became much more aggressive forcing her tongue into his mouth while pressing her breasts harder against him, almost on instinct Dipper return the favor.

Their make-out session lasts for a few more seconds before they broke their kiss finally letting each other to breathe.

A confused look appeared over Dipper's face was shocked too when he saw that during their kiss that he had grabbed Pacifica's ass. Each hand had a hand full of each cheek.

Looking back with rosy cheeks Dipper began to say he was sorry for what he had done, but before he could he was stopped by Pacifica who calm his embarrassment with a simple look.

Dipper's face became completely red upon the realization that she was telling the truth, Pacifica could help but giggle at Dipper his shocked face. Planting a quick kiss she then backed away, Dipper could only watch in awe as Pacifica dropped her dressed to the floor revealing her naked body.

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Dipper couldn't believe what he was seeing nor didn't want to stop. Pacifica wasn't kidding her mother, spent millions on her body alone to get what she had naturally, not to mention countless facelifts were beginning to make her mom look like she was made of plastic.

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Dipper felt like a statue right in front of him as a busty blonde beauty but couldn't move trapped like a deer caught in the headlight. Dipper had no come back in fact now he was embarrassed not just for the fact that Pacifica saw him ogling Wendy, but for the fact that she may have had figured out his taste in girls.

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