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Female wolf furrys naked boobs

Porn tube Female wolf furrys naked boobs.

The nightclub music was going strong, the dancing was getting dirty, and drugs were being passed and shared. The night held that of magical and whimsical highs and very little lows. Techno beat surround the dancers of Fintona Nightclub, the main hangout for furries and humans in West, Texas. KT, a very beautiful and sexy female wolf, sat in a corner booth of the nightclub watching all the dancers and druggies, lightly laughing at them every once in a while.

She held the atmosphere of pride and knowledge to all who approached her and when they came near Female wolf furrys naked boobs, they would know that she was the boss and she was the leader. But still, there was that one idiot who dared to enter her territory.

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A young, albeit very handsome fox rose out of the crowd and dropped into her booth. KT smiled back, "Well, tell me your name first, stranger.

You may say that they are trying to set you up with me. Charlotte spoke first, "You'll have to forgive her, she can be a bit of a 'lone wolf' from time to time. Why did you turn him down? You told me you liked him! KT sighed, "I don't need your help with relationships.

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KT sighed loudly and closed her locker before going to take a shower. The shower room was loud with giggling girls as KT Female wolf furrys naked boobs and cleansed her deep crimson hair. She swished her tail from side to side, singing a song in her head as she rubbed soap all over her body. Turning the knob and shutting off the water, she wrapped a clean, fresh towel around her sturdy but slim frame.

She walked over to her locker and opened it as her world became a blur. Suddenly, she was knocked into a strapping, yet very muscular chest just outside the girls' locker room. She looked up to see a very handsome fox, blushing bright scarlet when she realized it was Tex!

He laughed at her expression, pointing to a runaway cat. She turned quickly seeing Koko, that damned cat, thinking, "What the fuck? What was all that Female wolf furrys naked boobs

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Wait, why is Tex still-Shit! I'm only in my towel! You bitch, you are so gonna pay for that!

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Tex stood outside the door laughing at the sight he had just witnessed before going along his merry way. Though her blush was really cute, and her tail! My word, her tail looked so fluffy! He gave a quick snicker and walked past the two girls, rolling his eyes at Koko.

Koko watched his signal and stomped her foot on the ground.

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You must have pissed off KT. Koko's fur ruffled up as she pounced on the bunny scratching at her. Tex stood outside KT's dorm room door that night, debating whether or not to knock.

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He paced the floor before knocking, no answer. So he knocked again. Finally choosing to just open the door, he braced himself for a wrathful KT. Wonder where she is. Tex's tail wagged side to side as he thought about where KT might be. The Fintona Nightclub was raging with music and ravers.

Tex stood in the background of the crowd; normally he would be partying hardy with all the other furs, but tonight just wasn't his night.

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With a swing of the hip, a sexy owl was standing provocatively next to Tex. Tex pretended that he didn't hear her and looked straight into the crowd of people. She changed her position, hoping her D-cup boobs would get his attention.

I'm guessing you have another girl on your mind.

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She was walking down the halls of the dorm hall, an eerie silence followed her as her footsteps reverberated along the walls. She turned around and looked down the hall, swearing that she heard something.

Walking along the hall again she turned the corner and opened the girl's shower room door heading to her locker.

She unhooked her necklace and pulled off her shirt and pants. She threw them in her locker and undid her black lacey bra and pulled down her panties, throwing them into the locker before slamming it shut.

Tex looked up from behind the small wall that separated the showers from the lockers. His ears twitched slightly when he saw a naked KT coming towards his hiding place.

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KT walked over to the wall and leaned on it looking down at Tex. KT dropped her towel over Tex's eyes and turned on the shower. She put shampoo on her hand and started to lather it into her crimson hair, her tail wagging behind her. I actually thought this was the guy's locker room.

She turned around and looked at him. He jaw dropped as he Female wolf furrys naked boobs up to meet her gaze. KT walked toward Tex, swinging her hips suggestively and pulled him up to her body. He could feel something growing in his pants as he just stared at her naked body. She slowly started to pull his shirt off and over his head.

Tex stared at her in bewilderment. Her eyes grew wide with shock before slowly closing and kissing him deeper. She stood on the tips of her toes and wrapped her arms around Tex's neck while he wrapped his arms around her waist. He started to slide his tongue into KT's mouth and pushed her under the hot running water.

She slowly started to undo his pants, pressing against his Female wolf furrys naked boobs every once in a while teasing him.

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He kissed her more and nibbled on her lower lip, moaning in pleasure whenever her paw gently glided by his penis. She released him from the kiss and pulled down his pants and boxers, slowly moving up his body and letting her breasts touch his dick and kissing his lips.

His dick twitched when her breasts ran past it.

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She nibbled on his bottom lip and kept sliding her hand close to his shaft. He moaned and pushed KT against the shower wall. Tex started to suck on KT's neck causing her to moan out in pleasure. She began kneading his shoulders.

All the while bumping up against each other, murring as they kissed. Tex moved his paw and cupped her butt, massaging it. KT moaned in pleasure and bucked against him with her hips. They pushed up against Female wolf furrys naked boobs other even closer and slipped onto the floor, still making out with lips still locked.

KT wrapped one leg around Tex's hip. Tex took this opportunity to rub his penis against KT's wet pussy.

KT's body jolted a bit as she moaned and combed Tex's hair. Tex moved his lips slow down the side of her neck towards her right breast. KT moved her legs up and down his side, moaning out of pleasure from the sensation of his soft lips.

She kept combing his hair with her paws and stroked his big cock with her feet causing him to moan. Her tail wagged in response to him moaning on her breast. He slowly butter-fly kissed her across her chest to her left breast and started to suck on that one.