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Uncomfortable, annoying, and sometimes downright embarrassing! We are all familiar in some way or another with the bra problems that plague women everywhere, causing us to rip off our bras in frustration when we get home at the end of the day. Slipping straps, straps that dig in, wires that pinch, fabric that puckers… the list goes on and on! Nice boobs in bra is our goal to help you understand what the root causes of these common bra problems are, so you can correct them or prevent them from happening to you.


You should feel relief in the support your bra gives you, not discomfort! Read on to find out what you can do to look and, more importantly, feel your best when wearing a bra. Either way, your bra band should never ride up your back. This is because the weight of your breasts are pulling the back of the bra up, up, and up until your bra looks more like a necklace than a support garment!

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A snug band, not the straps, will provide firm anchorage for your breasts and bring everything in the front up to where you want it. A correctly sized bra band will feel tight at firstbut it should not be uncomfortable. The band should be level with the front of the bra and parallel to the ground.

There should be room to pull the band away from your body so a fist fits between your back and the bra, but you should not be able to pull it away any farther. Falling Straps This is one of those things that makes you want to resort to tape or safety pins. If you suffer from slipping straps, the first thing to check is that your strap is indeed snug enough on your shoulder.

You should be able to fit two stacked fingers comfortably between your shoulder and the strap, without being able to pull the strap much farther away from your fingers. If they are indeed tight enough, the most common reason for a slipping strap is that the bra band is too big.

The straps will be set to far out on the shoulder, resulting in constantly slipping straps. Another common reason for slipping straps is narrow or sloped shoulders. If this sounds like you, avoid balconettes or other bra styles with wide-set shoulder straps to prevent your straps from slipping.

Or, try the Bra Strap Solution or Strap Doctor also pictured herewhich both help to prevent slipping straps. Women whose straps dig in, causing redness, Nice boobs in bra, and deep grooves in the Nice boobs in bra, are more likely to suffer from headaches and nerve problems in the shoulder or neck region, making it an issue of increasing concern.

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Many women Nice boobs in bra this problem not realizing that, for the most part, it is preventable. There are three main reasons for this problem: This puts a lot of strain on your shoulders, causing the painful digging.

Does your bra band ride up when you do this? If it does, chances are your bra band is too loose. As the finger is often pointed at the band when dealing with bra fit problems, you can see how important it is to wear the correct band size.

Lastlyif the the straps are too thin they may dig in. While some women can wear thin bra straps without issue, thin straps are not for everyone. If you have larger, heavier breasts, you simply need a thicker strap to protect your shoulders.